Access Control System

At Absolute Security we believe in specifying and installing the latest high-tech Access Control Systems available and appropriate for each client. This we feel is critical in giving our clients value for money with effective Access Control.

Access Control Systems can be used in a variety of applications, from a basic restriction of where authorized personnel can gain entry, to vehicle movement and access to a site, health & safety, time & attendance. We also install intercom systems which are often integrated with access control systems.

Another area of integration is the combining of staff/visitor/contractor ID cards onto the access control system. This can be as basic as printing the ID card directly onto the proximity token to having the card users photo appear on a designated PC whenever the token is presented at a particular reader. This would allow the user ID to be visually verified by a member of reception or security and is particularly useful where there is a large number of staff passing through a reception area. This is a very discreet way of enhancing your security and very useful with new security/reception personnel.

As part of our service we offer a free of charge system design and specification which will allow our surveyor to work closely with each prospective client to produce a suitable and effective Access Control specification.

The systems we install range from the single door control to multiple door across multiple sites, combining various types of control. E.g. movement and vehicle parking, personnel movement, stand alone to multi workstation PC controlled systems.

Access Control Technology

  • Proximity, personnel and vehicle systems
  • Biometric identification
  • Magswipe
  • Intercom using both hard ware & telephone connections
  • Keypad, single or multiple codes
  • IP data transmission, the PC controlled systems can “hang on a LAN or WAN”
  • PC or stand-alone systems
  • Attack resistant or ballistic rated doors
  • Turnstile, revolving doors security booths
  • Automatic opening doors

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