Manned Guarding

Guards are thoroughly vetted prior to employment and during training. The internal vetting procedures include a thorough examination of all employees past employment history, and external vetting procedures include authentication of documents presented. A current certificate of good conduct is mandatory.

Guards attend an in-house training and are placed into the guarding ranks only when they have completed a series of examinations applicable to the environment in which they will be expected to work. The subjects covered include Basic Training, First Aid, Client and Public relations, Crime Prevention and Surveillance, Fire training, terrorism and Criminology, Emergency Response, Static Guarding and Patrols, and Crowd Control.

Guards are suitably uniformed and are provided with the appropriate tools of their trade and are supervised regularly.

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The board of directors consists of a group of outstanding individuals with exceptional accomplishments. As movers and shakers in the industries they represent,they provide directional advice to further absolute's
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