Burglar Alarms

Protecting Your Home or Premises

Burglar Alarms simply offer protection against intruders. There are in fact two ways to detect an intruder; before and after actual entry. Perimeter detection signals an intruder's entry or attempt to enter, whilst interior detection signals an unauthorized presence within a given protected area. Both forms of protection can be used together or separately in burglar alarm systems, depending on the site to be protected and/or the overall budget allocated for the installation.

Perimeter protection

applies to the "outline" of your home, shop, factory, office, etc. Absolute Security will place sensors that detect opening, vibration or the breaking of glass at these points. Interior protection is obtained through passive infra-red motion sensors that detect the heat of the human body, or, microwave motion sensors which analyze the movement of an intruder like radar. The slightest attempt to enter will trigger the burglar alarm system.

Fire Alarm Systems

A Fire Risk Assessment is undertaken and acted upon to ensure fire precautions are adequate.

Automatic detection is provided by ionization smoke detectors, optical smoke detectors and heat detectors.

The control panel would clearly indicate the source of the activation and operate all audible warning devises. Fault conditions would also be clearly indicated

The system should also be remotely monitored by a control room that will then pass the call to the Fire Brigade as necessary. This monitoring should preferably be with a GPRS/GSM back up system.

The fire alarm system should be tested monthly by the user, backed up by a maintenance agreement which provides for more in-depth testing and checking to be undertaken monthly and annually. All such tests must be recorded in the system log book kept on site.

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