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Security hardening

entails installation and strengthening of physical barriers to deter or prevent entry.

It incorporates fencing and gate installations,steel rails, burglar proofing of windows and doors, and also covers lighting. Absolute Security Limited covers from the kind of doors and windows installed, to the type to the types of locks and how these are fortified and reinforced. We also ensure that a fire escape is installed at a suitable location. Lighting must provide optimum visibility especially along the perimeter and possible entry points.

Security and Safety Audits

The security and safety audit is an assessment of a client facility to identify the overall effectiveness of the security function. It is recommended that a complete security and safety audit be carried out every two years. Absolute Security Limited assesses the facility from the perspective of detection, delay, reporting and response. It identifies possible criminal threat agents, both internally and externally.

Computer Networking

At Absolute Security Limited, we undertake computer networking from small local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN), utilizing standard cat 5 enhanced cables, to advanced fiber optic systems and wireless systems, utilizing brand names such as Cisco, 3 Com, and many more for our router, switches and other peripherals.


Absolute Security offers a wide variety of safes to suit customer needs. The models and sizes can be used in homes, offices, hotel rooms, large organizations and even banks. The materials used are different for each safe and the locks can be mechanical or digital. All safes are fire proof and are tested with a wide range of attack tools to ensure the highest quality.

Vehicle Monitoring And Tracking

Absolute Security offers utility GPRS and GPS systems for vehicle recovery and management purposes.

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The board of directors consists of a group of outstanding individuals with exceptional accomplishments. As movers and shakers in the industries they represent,they provide directional advice to further absolute's
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